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mQuest Audit

Software for

audits and

quality checks

mQuest Audit POS

Software for

store checks and

audits at the POS


Software for

data collection

and surveys

Mobile data collection

mQuest® – The mobile offline survey software

Smart solution for audits

Plan, conduct and evaluate digitized audits smart with the mQuest® Audit software.

It's alright at the POS

The smart solution for digitized store checks, mystery shopping and audits at the POS.

Well explained on YouTube

Discover the versatile applications of mQuest® through our explanatory films.

The specialist for enterprise applications,
portals and mobile apps.

Whether it is an individual software solution, a finished product or a clever combination of both – our solutions have proven themselves millions of times and are in use worldwide. You can trust in our expertise, our long-term experience and our high standards of quality.


cluetec News

Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote audits

Webinar Wednesday #3: Smart software for bidirectional remote...

Chilled Christmas & A Happy New Year from cluetec

Chilled Christmas & A Happy New Year from cluetec

Mobile Devices

20 years of digitization – Happy birthday to us!

Das neue Zuhause der Digitalisierer: Der Linder Technology Campus (LTC)

Next level: LTC – The digitizers move into a new home

Welcome Hermann Schäfer

Welcome to the team: Hermann Schaefer as new managing director...

Control-Virtuell 2020

cluetec with the mQuest® Audit software at the Virtual Control

News Success Story MiRO

Success Story: Smart digitized at MiRO

mQuest<sup>®</sup> 20s ist da. Mobile Datenerfassung einfach wie nie.

mQuest® 20s has arrived and makes mobile data collection...

Wir sind für Sie da – Die Digitalisierer im Homeoffice

We are here for you – Status update from the digitisers.

News Success Story Lidl

Success Story: International customer surveys at the POS...

Ipsos Success Story News

Success Story: Car Clinics with mQuest® at Ipsos

Faurecia Success Story

Success Story: Audit processes at Faurecia smartly digitized

kununu award

cluetec ranks among the top employers of medium-sized...

Success Stories in der Digitalisierung von Daten und Prozessen bei Audits, Qualitätsprüfungen, Store Checks, in der Marktforschung und vielem mehr.

Our most beautiful tales – our success stories

Merry Christmas & A Green New Year from cluetec

mQuest® 19a has arrived – Digital mobile data collection has...


Refined digitisation at MiRO

Lösungen für die Digitalisierung von Befragungen, Erhebungen und Audits auf der Research&Results

Many thanks for a successful Research&Results 2019

Research & Results

mQuest® at the Research & Results 2019

Warsteiner nutzt die mQuest Befragungssoftware

Through the festival summer with Warsteiner and mQuest®.

mQuest<sup>®</sup> 19s. Digitale Befragungen und Erhebungen besser als je zuvor.

mQuest® 19s is available now – Digital mobile data collection...

Lion Fidelitas news 2019

cluetec at the start of Lions Fidelitas Classic 2019


Hypersoftware for Hypercars – mQuest® in collaboration with...

Digitale Audits mit cluetec und mQuest Audit auf der Control 2019

Audits under control. cluetec at the Control 2019 in...